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family. >> my dream vacation... i've been to mexico a few times. i think i would go back there. >> who knows? probably somewhere in south america. it would be really interesting to go there. all the mountains and waterfalls -- lot of nature. looks awesome to go there. >> i would probably to australia because there are really cool animals there and it just seems like it would be a really cool experience. >> probably l.a. 'cause it's a really nice city. you knknow, who wouldn't want summer all year? >> hawaii because i like the area of it, the beaches, the coast, and the wildlife there. >> i think i would go to miami. it seems like a very fun place. >> i would say...i don't know. i really like space. i feel like everything else is just sort of really attainable, but going to space -- going to the moon just seems really cool. >> the nice thing about dream vacations is that you can go anywhere you want -- and the price is right. >> the saying "you'd better eat your vegetables" has taken on a whole new meaning for a group of students. eden has the story. >> these students are digging into a
safely in new mexico. we have a report -- an athlete managed to fall to earth from 4 miles up and land safely in new mexico. >> 24 miles up into the stratosphere, it too about two and a half hours. but his descent lasted for just over nine minutes, about half of it in free fall. anticipating had been building around the world. just before jumping, wearing a next generation full pressurized suit, baumgartner expressed concern that his astronaut-like helmet was fogging up and not heating properly. about 2:00 sunday, the 43-year- old took a leave from a tiny shelf outside the capsule that was carried up by an enormous ultrathin balloon. the extreme athlete broke several records, highest free fall, fastest free fall and highest manned balloon flight. he also met his goal of breaking the speed of sound he reached a maximum speed of 834 miles per hour. crowds watched below on monitors and cheered as the parachute opened. best known for leaping off skyscrapers, his mother, father and girlfriend showed signs of relief. research from this project could help with future space exploration travel
of minutes ago to a lady visiting town from new mexico. folks walking right by here. she said she came from new mexico and wanted to take a peek, because they do not get health insurance in new mexico. she said it hardly ever rains where she lives. so on lookers checking things out. we have not seen a dramatic difference in the weather. a little more wind and rain; but it has not been the kind of real hard gusts we're seeing out at the beach. only people who know old towns agory know this is an area that is certainly prone to flooding. we have not seen -- there's a little more wind and rain coming through. there's somebody out there in a sailboat. not the best idea. authorities want people to go home. this is an area prone to flooding. you can expect there will be trouble. businesses have closed. the starbucks closed. a half of places still open. the places open are packed with people inside, people walking into the few restaurants that are open here. so certainly as the day goes on, the night goes on, this will get to be a much more dangerous situation, and the mayor joined us earlier and
mexico, and it gave us a sort of a red color, as well. and what we do here is we actually grind it in order to create the pigments that the children are using. >> and the last color -- blue -- it came from this mineral called lapis lazuli. that blue is really nice. >> the lapis lazuli blue stone was so rare and expensive, you had to get it from afghanistan, you had to hike up the hindu kush mountains, so it became tied to either the royalty or the most important cathedrals, to show that they were the ones capable and wealthy enough to get this resource. >> you might call this an illuminating experience. these students now have a new appreciation for what it once took to make a book. >> they just like discovering how long an average illuminated manuscript might take -- three to five years to make a single book is sort of a wow factor. >> i used to think that manuscripts were just like pictures of things that were just, like, beautiful. and then now i think that it's really hard to make and it takes a lot of work and that it really reflects on history. >> there's one more very imp
the earth in an astronaut-like suit and landed safely in new mexico. the descent lasted over nine minutes. half was in free-fall at a top speed of 833 miles per hour. i can't imagine what that would be like. he broke several records including highest free-fall, fastest free-fall and highest manned balloon flight. >> this is amazing. the first person ever to break the sound barrier, chuck yeager celebrated it by doing it again. he is 89 years old, i believe. that came on the 65th anniversary of his flight. he sat in the back seat of an f 15 eagle aggressor above the mojave desert. >> fantastic. >> i'm looking at him. born in 1923. >> love it. >>> these pictures are fantastic. this is "endeavour." it launched off the space pad and many miles in space. but the final on the streets of los angeles may have been the hardest. several trees had to be cut down on an emergency basis to get the spacecraft through. unfortunately the spacecraft did receive 17 slow driving tickets. >> and a bunch of graffiti. >> that is nothing for l.a. traffic. >> it's moving right along. >> it seems like during this
, but those clouds are associated with what was hurricane paul that has been coming ashore in mexico, fortunately much weakened storm, but it's riding along the jet stream. we're getting quite a pit of cloud cover moving across the southern part of the country and some of the rain in texas also associated with that. here's how the next two days look locally, top about 70 degrees, a nice day. -- tomorrow about 70 degrees, a nice day. there will be some cloud cover and on thursday in the afternoon we've got a frontal boundary, the same front that's probably going to bring rain to st. louis tomorrow, it's going to bring us showers and maybe a rumble of thunder. it will also be warm thursday at 72 degrees. here are the high temperatures we hit today, a beautiful day with lot of sunshine and these temperatures in the mid-60s felt fantastic. that is for sure. temperatures now already down to the 40s in many areas. the district is 52, baltimore 47, but frederick is down to 39 degrees and dulles 44. so definitely colder tonight than last night but not cold enough to warrant a frost advisory
near the u.s.- mexico line. one bored agent killed. another one wounded. up next, we'll get the latest on the search for the gunman. >>> a massive ball of fire and smoke at a fuel warehouse. we are checking more headlines coming up next. [ knocking ] oh, no, i got to go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, nobody has time to get sick. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. you guys want to go to the park? yeah! yeah! minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs/pharmacy. accepts united healthcare benefit plans. find a clinic near you at >>> still no arrest in the death of a border patrol agent. he was killed early tuesday in arizona. this was a nope drug corridor near the mexican border. a fellow agent also hot is in stable condition. >>> a former butler to pope benedict xvi admits to betraying the pontiff by copying and leaking confidential documents but insists his motives w
off the gulf of mexico or atlantic ocean. >> did you just fall asleep over there. >> i'm listening. it is very interesting and very scientific. i just want to point out before hand that this is tucker's idea of fun. remember, he said we have a fun weather guy question. >> he did say that. >> thank you, tony. >> that was a lot of fun. but it was good. >> this is what tucker does in his spare time. >> tony, remind me. how much did you help me this morning. >> i set myself up for that. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. as you were doing the research, i saw you were having so much fun -- >> you didn't want to break it up. >> you are such a geek. i love it. >> let's check in with julie wright and get the latest on traffic. >> oh! >> what? >> she was yawning. >> i just want to say i don't do that when dave ross is on the set. i'm just letting you go. >> oh! >> you guys -- the guys are above the accident at liberia. accident activity still in place. stay single file to the left to get by. follow me inside if you will. we have delays
by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. the medication has been canceled. >>> the new mexico food company linked to an outbreak of salmonella poisoning involving peanut butter has expanded its recall now. sunland inc. is recalling row roasted shelled and in shell peanuts sold in qownts from two ounces to 50 pounds. fda inspectors found salmonella in raw peanuts from the sun land processing planted. sun land manufactured peanut butter sold by trader joe's. so far, 35 people have gotten sick across 19 states. >>> ahead, an annual halloween celebration for kids. >> holly is live at the national zoo where this week, it will undergo a spooky trans formation. coming up, a look at what is new at this year's boo at the zoo. ecisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen
and mom both were born in mexico. came to california. he signed a 1.57 contract earlier in the year. the cfo and president of the giants told us a very moving story. >> joe: the batter is allen craig. first up in the bottom of the ninth. strike 1. >> tim: there's larry right there. larry was telling us when romo signed the contract, that he was in tears, saying that he's never thought of making that kind of money. and you hear about all the big salaries being paid all over, joe, and it's just the most moving thing to see a guy who appreciates it like sergio romo. >> joe: one ball, one strike on allen craig, who has doubled tonight 1 for 3. romero has settle into that closer's spot. there's the good breaking ball from romero. strike 2. sergio romo telling us before the game he will never forget getting jay bruise in the ninth inning of game five, the division series that's correct battle, scott rolen, and what it meant to his teammates to get them to the next level and complete that come back. the 1-2. 2-2. >> tim: bruce and rolen represented the winning run if they connected and the
balloon fiesta in new mexico. nearly 500 hot air balloons were released into the sky yesterday morning. rainy weather delayed the opening of the festival on saturday. it will continue throughout the week. it is the largest hot air balloon event in the world. >> very colorful too. >>> coming up, a recall involving a popular cross overvehicle inform you drive a honda -- a popular crossover vehicle. if you drive a honda, you may want to stay tuned. >> we do have some fog some some areas. we'll get the latest weather and traffic from gwen and julie coming up next. hey, what are you drinkin'? pumpkin coffee for the morning. and i've got my pumpkin k-cup packs for at home. now i can have my pumpkin coffee any time i want it. pumpkin's perfect. it's dunkin' with the press of a button. new pumpkin k-cup packs, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a look twice. introducing a stunning work of technology -- the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. [ female announcer ]
new mexico tomorrow and he aborted the mission yesterday due to high winds. his team hoped tomorrow's weather might allow them for another try. he is hoping to become the first sky diver to break the sound barrier by jumping from a capsule like this, flooded 23 miles into the stratosphere by a 55-story helium balloon. wow. >>> and the news stunned the washington region, so everyone wants to know what killed a giant panda cup at -- cub at the national zoo. why we should have an answer soon. >> and the death toll rises from the meningitis outbreak. how congress is getting involved. [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message. [ female announcer ] he says.
what that would be like. he landed safely in new mexico. he broke several records that included highest free-fall, fastest free-fall and highest manned balloon flight and broke the sound barrier when he did it. the temperature at the time of the jump 24 miles up was 90 degrees below zero. wow. >> that astronaut suit would come in very handy. >> yes. >>> a football hits a reporter in the face on live tv. you won't believe how he responded. we will show that to you next. >> i didn't see this. >> a bittersweet weekend. it's over for the nationals but redskins get a win. [ female announcer ] as you're making your decision... maybe you're wondering what to believe about mitt romney. well, when it comes to protecting your access to birth control... and the basic women's health care services planned parenthood provides... one thing we must remember, is this: i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. [ female announcer ] he'll cut it off. cut us off. planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that. [ female announcer ] women need to know the real mitt romney. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and
landed safely in new mexico. it took about two and a half hour. no big deal. >> his descent lasted just over nine minutes. about half of it was in free fall at a top speed of 834 miles per hour. >> that's all? >> baumgartner broke several records, not bones, that included highest free fall, fastest free fall and highest manned balloon flight. the jump was supposed to be from 120,000 feet but the balloon went higher than expected. it actually hit 128,000 feet. >> you are traveling 800- something miles per hour to get back to earth. >> and he's fine. pretty impress i have. >> the final journey for the space shuttle endeavour. imagine navigation that -- navigating that massive spacecraft through the city streets of last. >> it look longer than expected. inanot surprise giant food tucker says it is just typical l.a. traffic. no big deal. space shuttle in the road. no big deal. >>> the space shuttle endeavour is finally at its home at the california science museum but the city of los angeles had to remove some industries and telephone poles for the journey which took a lot longer than expec
. he's launching from new mexico. we're told it's windy now. it should be going right about now. we'll see. >> i can't to report -- i hope he does it successfully. >> safely. >> quite the feat. >> gotten rid of the rain and left with more clouds than sun. going to begin with a look at our weather headlines. showers have ended, thank goodness. it really affected the morning commute today. but i don't have a lot of sun to talk about today either. more clouds than sun in the forecast for today. there is a warmup ahead, as well as a return to sunny skies. i'm happy to say that you will get to enjoy it. let's take a look now at temperatures across the area and show you where things are and how warm and how cool it is a little bit out there. had a nippy start to the day. 51 at baltimore. 53 at d.c. 48 frederick this hour. 50 at dulles. 46degrees at martinsburg. dry conditions now, this was filled in with rainfall earlier this morning. now mother nature has dealt us dry conditions after affecting the morning commute. we are doing so much better. back to our weather maps, had early morning
for example, canada got the letter c. mexico for some rope got the letter x. the united states got two letters, w and k. we were also assigned n. we were given w, k, n and s. n and a, those letters were taken by the military. w and k were left over for commercial broadcast use n192, the -- in 1928, it was decided that all call letters were required to be four letters in length. they grandfathered in stations that existed before then. so, for example, there are some stations west that start with a w and some stayings that only have three call letters, wgn tv for example. they were grandfathered in. >> what does wgn stand for. >> world's greatest newspaper. >> a lot of the call letters stand for like and -- the station owner's name or slogan world's greatest newspaper. a network affiliation, for example, in new york. you have wnbc and wabc. they are owned by those networks. so it is very interesting. >> should i talk a little bit about fox 5 history? >> yes. >> so wttg, i didn't realize this, this is one of the original tv stayings in the world. >> in the world? >> in the world. trace its histo
say the shootout happened in northern mexico. there is strong evidence that one of the men killed was known as the executioner. >>> detroit's police chief is out after a sex scandal. ralph godby retired effective immediately. he was already under investigation for a reported sexual relationship with a subordinate. this is the second time since he became chief in 2010 that he has been aused of this. he was detroit's fifth police chief in four years. mayor says the city will conduct a nationwide search for his replacement. >>> a member of the d.c. council with a financial challenge. can she live on $30 a week? >> we'll explain coming up next. first, we'll talk about weather and here is gwen. >> not if she is going to a mall, that's for sure. the good thing is the wet weather will not be sticking around. that wanted warm-up is on the way. more details after the break. take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid
news, a border patrol agent shot and killed on the border with mexico. the department of homeland security says another agent was wounded in the shooting. and is being air lifted to a hospital. should be okay. and this happened this morning near busby arizona. and the fbi is beginning an investigation to find ow exactly what happened. >>> following up on a story we told you about earlier. a decades old mystery on the way to being solved maybe. scientists at michigan state university are now analyzing soil samples that will help determine whether the remains of jimmy hoffa could be buried in a residential neighborhood. the findings should be released today. hoffa of course was the steamsters boss who vanished almost 40 years ago. a new tip led to the search. police are not sure the time line of the tipsters account matches up with hoffa's death but investigators say we should learn more today. tony? >>> in local news, four women studying at american university were fondled near campus in just the last week. and yesterday, the university issued a campus alert about the attacks. they
was headed it phoenix but pilots diverted to albuquerque, new mexico. they lands without any problems but it is under investigation. >>> the numbers are in and americans are shopping more. retail sales were up last month. but some experts warn that may not stick. >> also coming your way, the number of meningitis cases across the country continues to grow. what you need to know, just ahead. the facts are clear. obama's four deficits are the four largest in us history. he's adding almost as much debt as all 43 previous presidents -- combined. and over 30 cents of every dollar obama spends is borrowed. much of it from countries like china. he's not just wasting money, he's borrowing it and then wasting it. we can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. infringement on our lives.s like such an... [ romney ] i'm mitt romney how dare they step into my life that way. it's none of their business. he's trying to restrict us, again. he's taking us backwards. george allen is the last thing we need in washington. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign c
funding for abortion and will act immediately to ensure that that is not the case. by reversing the mexico citpoli the legislation, that protects, further protects innocent human life and he's completely consistent here. >> chris: all right, let's talk about what david axelrod brought up in the question of taxes. in the vice presidential debate, paul ryan, once again, got roughed up for failing to explain how you'll pay for the 20% cut in tax rates by limiting deductions. let's take a look. >> i want to work with congress how best to achieve this, that means successful. what we are saying, lower tax rates 20%, start with the wealthy, work with congress to do it. >> chris: ryan is saying, we don't want to get hemmed in. let's leave it to congress. why is it all right to tell voters about the candy, everybody gets a 20% tax cut -- cut in their tax rates and let's not tell them about the spinach, where you lose deductions. >> in a campaign environment, to start negotiating in a campaign environment you will lock in republicans and lock in democrats... >> chris: you locked in the 20% tax rate.
grandfather was from mexico and my wife's father was from wales. i want the legal system to be better and clearer. you shouldn't have to hire a lawyer to figure out how to get in. and we need to give green cards to people who have what we need. get a green card on your diploma, come to the u.s.a. we have to stop illegal immigration. 4 million people are waiting to get here legally. i will not grant amnesty to those here illegally. there will be employment verification and i won't put in place magnets for people coming here illegally. i would not give drivers licenses to them as the president would. the kids -- they when the president ran for office, he said he would put in place that would reform our immigration system. he did not do it. he had a democrat house and a democrat senate. why did he fail to promote legislation that would have provided an answer for those who wanted to come here legally and for those who were here illegally today? that is a question at the present will have a chance to answer right now. >> we are a nation of immigrants. we all understand what this country h
now. >> let's see who can win. >> who is going to win? come on. >> you're from new mexico. >> new jersey. i grew up in long island, new york. a yankees fan, all the way. >> i'm a yankee fan, the big news tonight in new york is that they are sitting down a- rod. a-rod will not start. the yankees do what they have to do to win and they are looking forward to their world series title and they don't care if the o's are in the way. >> don't you get tired of winning? you have a shortstop, you don't have a-rod in there. you have a guy that can't hit his weight. i mean, i'm looking at this now. what's this guy? granderson hitting .053 in give me a break. they are going to take it tonight and you're gone. you're going down. >> the a-rod thing is good or bad, because they could rally around him and say hey, we're going to step up the rally. what is your take on that if. >> well, i think it's a good thing for the team, guys, because his bat has been silenced. his passion doesn't seem to be there. and you know what? i think it's a smart move, cici is going to be on the mound an
. they will return to the stage to celebrate their 50th anniversary. they'll be in newark, new mexico at the prudential center in december. newark right now is the only u.s. stop the stones have announced. they're releasing a greatest hits collection next month which will also have two new songs and for anyone who's counting, mick jagger is now 69 years old. >> is this new -- is this when they announced it? that video? >> i don't know what is, is that recent video we're asking? we don't know. >> they look good. yenning all things considered -- i mean all things considered. hard living out there. >> all the things they've gone through over the last 50 years it's amazing and good for them. it's a limited tour. two dates in london and two dates in jersey. talk they'll add chicago and l. a.. that might be it. >> okay. i love that. >>> all right, still ahead, virginia gearing up for a big event. >> here's holly live with details about the international gold cup. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and you're right, it is a horse steeple chase race, but there's another an
. and if all goes well, he'll break the sound barrier. it's set for dawn, new mexico time. >>> one of the most popular exhibits at the smithsonian takes a trip overseas. dorothy's slippers will go on loan to a museum at london as part of a hollywood costume exhibit. it's the first time the shoes have left the u.s. and the first time they've been reunited with her blue and white dress since was filmed. if you miss seeing them, don't fret, they'll be back here at home in late november. >> what a national treasure. >> uh-huh. >> really is. >> cool to see. when you see them upclose, they don't look the way you expect they would look. very interesting. >> and tiny. >> yeah. >>> let's switch gears now, head over to gwen. she's got the weather and -- >> speaking of something tiny, the my first 5 photo. >> yes. wait until you see how tiny this sweetheart is. it is time for my first 5 photo of the day. >> oh, cute, cute, cute! >> we say hello to the tiniest terp fan. guess how old antonio is? he is only two months old. >> so cute. >> already rooting for his team. >> sweet baby. >> his parents say he wa
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